hello thank you for joining me at this stage of your pattern for the fest and as you can see I've stopped at this point here which is I know that at the beginning is is where we've marked our work but we want to do the changeover in the middle area so I've actually got my one two three four five six seven eight nine ten stitches there and one two three four five six seven eight nine ten on that side and now we're going to we're going to drop down with the pattern so it's easier to do it here because it's at the side and it also it
makes it smoother and less visible okay so we're going to chain one and we're going to single crochet into the space instead now so it's chain one single crochet and we're going to do that all the way around and we do that for two rounds I've done on the baby pattern on the bigger pattern for the six-year-old I actually did 20 rounds of the half double crochet and three rounds of the single crochet chain one because it just to me gave it a better finish and it was a nice length and I just over phase is one of those patterns you can actually
choose your choice of stitch really end of the day but if you want to meet the actual string fest like I have then this is how I did it I did have a look on Google to see if anybody else had done a string vest and a tote think string vests have been in fashion actually since the 1970s same as the poncho to be fair so there's lots of strange looking people in them but okay so we're back to the beginning point gained and now we're going to work to eat and when we're working into the single crochet spaces it's when you look at it
and you're not used to crocheting you can see you've got these holes and what you want to do is where you've got the two sticks that are wrapping over there you want to go to the left hand side each time that's actually where you chain one space actually is so when you pull it apart it looks bizarre be going to the left hand side of those two sticks okay and you're just going to just do the same chain one single crochet all the way around so that you've got a nice border I'm sorry that this I couldn't get my yarn to be able
to come out of the center of the ball so I've got a dancing ball I wasn't thoughtful enough to actually pour some off so that it would make my life easier for this video because I'm so excited about sharing it it's just it's one of those patterns where it wound me when I did it like no way we can do this this and this and this with this pattern I just wanted to share on to everybody else to be able to do I can do and this is the only way I know of how to do it is by sharing in this way it's a lot easier and I actually haven't even
written out the pattern for the instructions for this one at all in the description boxes because Mac said in my video if this ones are self-explanatory one you can increase as you please and make it to fit all sorts of different sizes okay so now you can see we're coming back to the beginning point again so we're going to single crochet chain 1 and single crochet in there again so we can see where we've got our row this bits come up and we won't remember this is they sent apart there so what we want to do is we've done a chain one and
we're going to just slip stitch to join and that gives us that neater edge and stops it being such a big dip no like on this one where where I said I've made the mistake I came too far and I tried to work it into there and it didn't work out right so just by just doing a chain 1 and a slip stitch it's just neat ins up that edge so it's it's a smoother finish so I'm going to cut off the yarn I'm just going to pour that through that's all I'm going to do not going to finish off my end on this one at this
point what I'm going to do though is take off because this this this marking point here and where this tail is this lets me know that this is definitely the back of my top because we've got actually a row of two single crochet there and just three at the front if you took notice we need to take this which off now because we need to work into these loops we're still using our 6 hooks let me just get some yarn so that it's easier and we're just going to do a magic loop the same again we're just going to slip stitch into place there
pour that nice there and now all we're going to do is slip stitch all the way around and as you go into this these this part of the chain that cause this loopy effect when you've left it alone by doing the single earn the slip stitch you will see it neaten in it all up and giving you the more professional finish and also it strengthens the the actual garment itself because then when you're taking it on and off and on and off it's not going to be able to be stretched so easily and there you can see how neat that that's looking by adding that on
compared to the other side okay and it's just simple little things like this that finish off your work they give it that extra durability and neatness and I think it's worthwhile doing these sorts of things I can't even do this digital there we go and we just literally slip stitching all the way around I'm going to go back to this is going to coming across the chest part now and you can see I'm sure that if you if you've come back to watch this bit and you've watched you've done the other part you
can really see how quickly that this is actually built up and when you do the larger part the larger tops so the the one for the six-year-old for example which is a lot bigger top compared to this one the initial top section of here and the straps took me about 17 to 20 minutes and then I would say I probably spent 45 minutes to an hour doing the half double crochet chain one loops so they build up really really quickly and it's one of those interface one of those patterns that you can just get yourself lost in and before you know it you've got a top and a happy person who's
receiving the top I'm talking of receiving because I actually don't have any disobey but my children are teenagers now and so I'm not even going to be a grandparent in the very near future so I've told my children don't have any have any children till you're about 30 I want them to I want them to enjoy their lives and not be tied down with children at a young age I want them to upstage I've gone through two loops first one to come through the one EFT that's the one stitch there where it is an awkward one
everything else isn't it's really easy but yes I said to my children I want them to have them I want not to enjoy the life and to live and learn and have that understanding and maturity before they wishing to have children because sometimes I think children today will have children just because it's a novelty and they like the idea of having a baby okay now well now I've finished this point here when she I actually tie mine into a knot which brings that area nice together and I do a double knot is it at the end of the day these children's clothes and
we want them to be we have to think about safety with them so now I'm going to do is I'm going to cut off my yarn so that they're both the same length and thread both pieces onto my needle and I'm going to come down the back first and come through and come through to the front because then when I pour that there it just neaten sort that so we've got a better finish across there and then working into this single crochet area to tidy up and just did I come ready for glue let's set pull that through there pull the tails through which ones the
tails don't pull it too tight as you want it to you want it to ruin your work and then work back so we've the loop there so comedy thing work work yourself back this prevents the yarn from coming undone so easily during the wash or while it's tumble drying or even while it's been being worn and I've got my needle out I'm going to just do these loose ends as well because this one you haven't got anything too tight you want to pull that one nice and tight and then come into your work I found that this one and what I hidden nicely by going up
into the shoulder strap so come all pointed shoulder strap and I've got the loop and I come back down to there so that's all nice and neat cut that piece off and this end there where I finish my work sorry I've gone all tickly again and then we're going to just thread that there same again come through the back towards the front come through just say that we've tried to make as neat as we can DS still going to have a little bit of a step but it's really tiny if you do it in the correct place like I said on my earlier ones I am finished in the
wrong places and because I noticed that then it but obviously that gave me the opportunity to be able to rectify that problem and work into my pattern in a better way so I'm going to cut that piece off there and as you can see that's tidied up this area and now to just help the armholes be nice or we're going to do is exactly the same as we've done around the chest area and then we're just going to work single single crochet talking a little bit we're going to work a slip stitch all the way around here just so that we
can finish off so when you come in it up the sleeve there is actually this little stitch there it's really hard to get into that stitch and because it's so close to the actual way that you're coming up you can completely miss that one and just slip stitch over it and then it still gives that a nice neat tidy finish needs some more yarn I'm so sorry there we go no just I'm just going to just do this one sleeve just so that you can see or strap as it is how neat the finish is in comparison to the other side and then I'm quite sure that you'll
be able to finish it off all by yourself and you'll be able to meet yourself lots and lots of little vests if your pattern writer or you're creative and you want to adapt it to make it into little dresses for girls then the initial top section of the base pattern that I've shown you how to do is wonderful I will tell you though don't try make into a cardigan or a jump or anything it really really doesn't work and I did have a go and when I finish this bit I'll explain to you better what happened so I don't
want you to waste your yarn at the end of the day all your time because it really really isn't worth it I will show you how I make my cardigan well oh sure you've gotta make a little sweater a little hoodie they look so if you look at that in comparison of how that's neat and up that edge and compared to this one it just makes it a bit it's more stronger and I'm not going to tuck in that end because I'll say I'm going to leave you so I believe that you can do everything self now but I will show you it's a little hoodie that I've
been making and it's so cute but it did note I made a mistake because I've ended up with one side fatter than the other that's just because I was rushing and for me to actually write out this pattern it's so easy to actually miss out and forget and miss out a simple little stitches so I'm going to work on this some more and then when I think that it's actually suitable for everybody to be able to actually have a go with I will share that one as well and I will explain because I was going to explain if you actually try putting
the sleeves onto this part here these sleeves end up sticking up in the air and they try and do the hard and it all brings it scrunchies all forward and it creates the strangest shaped garment you've ever seen so I don't recommend that you do that but what you can do is if you're not going to if you don't do the slip stitch you can actually join on here do some single crochet then turn it into half double crochet and then turn it into double crochet and back and you meet yourselves a nice little cap sleeves so pattern writers you might be
able to work out exactly which steps you need to take for people to be able to follow for that and and really that is the end of it I think I think my rights thing that's absolutely wonderful little desk top I'm really proud of it I hope that you like it I hope their backs i–before hope you share this video and I know that through my analytic and analytics box that I've actually managed to achieve 154 different countries around the world with who's actually watched and looked at my items so nearly made it all the way around the world and obviously those
people that actually really need to be able to do something out there so in a place where I've got power cuts and things they can't watch me on YouTube so I hope you took the notes in the in the beginning and I would appreciate it if you can share this as much as possible please and I will and I will be doing the my magical Mary Jane pattern for August and I've brought that I've done this one earlier because the the part that when I was making the little shoes once I got to a certain size it was like this I realized that the chain
work and things that they need to slight alterations and I wasn't entirely happy so I will share what I've actually managed to be happy with and once I've progressed a little bit further I'll share the other ones and obviously like I said once I've actually got this hoodie perfected because it's not far off then yeah so thank you for liking thank you for subscribing thank you for sharing thank you so much for watching thank you for your thumbs up those people that do your thumbs down I actually can tell which one you'll come
from now which is very interesting that's so it's bizarre of what you learn on YouTube so and I don't know why people thumbs down me it could be my accent it could be the fact that I'm I am not as good as what they would like to be they don't like the colour of use or whatever I really really don't know but for all the people that do like it for those that don't you don't really make much difference thank you bye