hello I'm Karen and today I want to share with you how to make these gorgeous little crochet string vests this one is actually for the premature size baby and this is for the early newborn baby and I will just show you that this little one here look is four four and a half inches across so that'll be nine inch chest circumference and this one is almost six so that's going to be a 12 inch Chester conference now before I actually show you the pattern what I'm going through because I'm going to show you this one I want to show you
how you can increase your sizes and explain how the pattern works so that then you'll be able to make this from this size all the way up to as big as you want and this is the actual one in the photo which is actually for the six year old which measures what you can't see that's not on camera but measures 10 inches across the chest so that's going to be a 20 inch circumference and they've got plenty of give in them they if I show you on the smaller one you can't see on that video they've got they've got some gifts so that they will
grow a little bit with your baby because I have discovered that I've actually got new crochet ears watching my videos I'm actually going to do some finishing touches and also just to show how to finish off nicely but that'll be in the separate video and I just also want to show you these other ones that I have made with this pattern the beginnings the beginning chain is the same for all of these I started off with exactly the same amount of chains all I did to increase the size was go up a size in my hook so for example this little one and
measures five and half inches across this was done with a four millimeter hook this one is seven inches across and this was done with this six millimeter hook sorry I had a bit of threat mixed in with my yarn was disappointed with that but this one measures eight inches across which was done with an 8 millimeter hook and finally this mint green one was done with a 10 millimeter hook and measures 9 inches across so that's one way of increasing the size for exactly the same pattern and it works with this form doesn't work with all patterns I've
noticed it works so far with the shoe pattern I'll be doing another way of increasing the size is to increase the chain that you create underneath the arm and so this then becomes a wider if I put that together it's still exactly the same beginning chain you can see those bits fit perfectly together if I just move it to one side you can see it's actually increased it by another inch there so that's actually another 2 inches increase of the circumference all the way around your chest personally I would have done this one a little bit longer but I wanted it
to be exactly the theme just to so you can see the difference of how this increased in size so if you get yourself pen and paper I'm going to show you how this works and give you a little history lesson on a crochet so this all stems back from the 70s and in the 70s which Droid little person and people had discovered how to make a poncho that's the hand and that's where your legs would come down and how they discovered to meet the poncho is the apathy was actually making lots and lots of granny squares all together and if they discovered if you took out some of the
center squares as it was essentially a big square like this made up of lots and lots of smaller squares they took out the center squares and made the hole for you to put your head in okay and then these bits here other bits that come across shoulders and that's the point down the front so to make this beginning square they needed to make a chain but also then work into that chain to make it be a square almost from the beginning and this is the beginning that I'm going to use to actually make the vest so to help you with the maths and to make this make
sense if you draw yourself a square to start off with the baby pattern that I'm going to demonstrate I did a chain of twelve for each of my equal sides but to go around the corner I needed to add in an extra chain so I drew myself little triangles just to remind myself I need an extra chain for each of my corners so we add this up so we've got our four times 12 which is our 48 plus the four corners makes it 52 ok so if you wanted to do a completely bigger version of the same thing you would just do so if he was going to do 14 there 14 14 14 remember to add in your one in the
corner so you've got one in each of your corners so you've got 40 48 48 52 56 57 58 59 60 so you begin with a chain of 60 okay this worked fine while I was doing the smaller sizes but then when I try to increase the sizes and do this for an adult it made the shoulder straps become so close to the edge of your shoulders that was going to fall off so if you want to make the adults sizes then you need to make yourself a rectangle so for example we would put 12 there 12 there and we'd have 24 here and 24 here we would have our corners okay and the total of that was 76 too
big for our beginning chain and that in a size 10 millimeter Hawk that would mean maybe the beginning for a size 12 UK this here is the newborn baby okay now when we actually begin the work I'm going to show you with a piece of paper of how this is actually working so when you've done when you make your check your chains of twelve and you've got your ones in the corner you we're going to make a square like this it's hollow in the center and then what we're going to do is if you've worked with the cardigan pattern you know that the top
bit comes over so this is going to make the shoulder strap we're going to do a chain area here to come underneath the arms so that would be like that this is going to come across your chest then we're going to work around and around and around in a circle now I've discovered a way of doing this around around in a circle without it making you work those slanted so as you can see they're all nice and neat and straight across okay but there is actually no joint you've got no visible join or seam work in these and whatsoever is absolutely brilliant
pattern and I personally would love it if you could share it especially for you know when they've bit they've been in the world disasters and they've got no power and they've got the clothes to wear if they can crochet they can feel useful and they can make them the clothes okay so that's the principle of how this is going to work with you just sooo that you know you're going to be starting at this point here each time you start is actually start so this is start here which is actually the back of your right shoulder and then this is
going to be the strap that goes over that's going to come across your chest that's going to be the struct comes over your the shoulder and that's going to cross your back then we're going to work the chain to bring everything together and it shrinks it down so that what essentially is a big area for you to be working with and when you folded it over when you're going round and around it's less though this once you get to this once you watch at that point there with your work is going to build really quickly so I'm just
going to crochet down to this point and then leave you to do it and for the lady that asked me about making the vest pattern I'm just going to explain that for home particular I have begun with the square and I did a chain of 20 like that and my ones in the corner one one one and one and that was my starting point to start here so that was a total chain of 84 and it worked that one in an 8 millimeter hook and it 8 millimeter hook okay so that's what she needs to do to be able to create this size which I'm hoping is going to fit her six-year-old
if it doesn't fit and it's a little bit small they know she needs to do is just to go up a size of Hawkes ocean go up to a size 9 hole can she try a size 10 hook then after that and you can increase the chain here or we can actually increase the beginning chain okay so I'm going to go back and I'm going to do this newborn baby size and I'm going to work with a six millimeter hook and whoops-a-daisy I couldn't find any of my yarns it was visible enough on the video which was in the center of the board I've had to undo
my auntie and right so I'm going to begin now with a chain of 52 okay oh and on one more thing I forgot to say where was that piece of paper go there for and there's the six year olds on there we need to do the under arm equals chain ten okay that is for the bigger sizes when you're going up that you really do need to increase that chain from underneath the arm otherwise it pulls them too tight so and for the under arm for the baby it's a chain five okay alright so got that out of the way move all my stuff okay so we're going to
start with our Magic Loop this one will leave the tails quite long it just helps for sewing in and later on okay I'll think on my finger on my nail so we're going to begin with a chain of 52 one two three four five six seven eight nine 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 I'm just stopping him and I'm sorry I want to make sure that you've doing your chains really nice and loose because you need to work in these chains if you've done it time sorry you have to start again that's 30 31 32 33 34
35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 now if you've ever worked with a chain before and it says to be to join the chain and don't twist it that strictly speaking is not true because you do need to twist it because you need to make sure that your tail end is now pointing in the opposite direction and when we go to join we're not going to join in this very end hole where we actually cast on we want to go into the next piece because we want to go underneath two loops and we believe in one loop at the bottom and be careful
when you pick up B tail at this point because it's easy to pick up the end Turnham before you know you run out of yarn now we're going to do is slip stitch back together okay and just do one chain that's just to secure it there is nothing to do with the pattern other than to secure it it just makes life easier and then we're going to work to single crochet into this part here which is the very first corner so we're going to end on the corner okay so working underneath two loops and this time we're going to single crochet in the next 12
one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven 12:3 single crochet in the next one two three and that's the second corner that's been made and we want to single crochet in the next 12 but just here because you've done three in this stitch this stitch is going to be a little bit tight you still need to work in there so we're just going to come underneath the two single crochet in the next 12 so that's one two three four five six two three seven oops 8 9 10 11 12 three single crochet in the next one two three that's our third
corner made by the way don't worry if you work begins to twist while you crochet okay we can sort it out at the end single crochet in the next 12 one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve three single crochet in the next one two three single crochet in the next twelve we're actually going to stop at eleven one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven eleven just pull up your loop and get you work and lay you what you work out flat now fortunately – turned out alright but if you knew it crocheting you're may when
to twist the mine up and show you about you may have twisted why he was working and you may end up with something that looks like that so what you want to do is you start off with the point where you actually work in and straighten out your edge and then come down to the other side make sure that straight hold that there then untwist it you should work along make sure that's nice and flat and then untwist this piece until you've you're nice and straight once you're happy that you work is straight then you do the twelfth stitch okay so that's the
twelfth one now we're going to ignore this area here and we need to work back into the very beginning we're going to ignore this chain of one that we did there that's just with security we're going to single crochet over that chain of one and then we want to do a single crochet into the center corner like that okay now we're going to do a chain of five one two three four five now we need to make sure that our works nice and straight when we come over to our corner and we want to work in the center stitch again so we're going to go underneath the two
loops and single crochet that together there so that's made our first shoulder strap and this bits going underneath okay now we're going to be working across the chest area and all we need to do now is just single crochet we don't to do any counting this is one of the easiest patterns that I've ever written because it just naturally grows by itself and unlike that that means that when you're working away people can talk to you and you can go to a little crochet group if you want to and sit and hover what do they call them a knitting
a nutter group crocheting a chatter thing so I work our way all the way across to the next corner so there we've got our next corner we want to work into that first one and then again into the second one so we're finishing actually right in the center of the corner we do a chain of five one two three four five making sure that we keep our strap heart straight and then go to the next corner and do a single crochet in the very center of the corner and there we have the main top area so we've got our two straps okay so your work will look smooth that tail of the
way your work will look something like that it does look a little bit flimsy I did try you can go around again and if you wanted to make a bigger strap but I found that which do you think the slip stitch gives you a lovely little strap so now we're going to work all the way across back to the first chain that we've done okay so we're just single crocheting all the way and this bit is the hardest part of the pattern once you've achieved this bit it's plain sailing it's so easy you're going to absolutely love learning this skill and
like I said at the beginning I really do think that if you could share this so that new like the missionary people that go over and helped in famine relief if they all learned how to crochet and taught people our crochets one of those skills that this is really important okay so we're back to the chain now we need to work into the chain and we need to remember we still need to go underneath two loops this is so that we get this this one loopy area all the way around the minute it looks a bit bizarre but when you do your finishing big just makes it neat
because you've got just the one loop to work into so we're going to work underneath the two loops and work into the chain which is a chain of five in this particular pattern so we need to do five sets one two three four and that's the fifth stitch there now remember we joined with a single crochet so we've got this loop part of that this is the edge of our single crochet so we need to go into that single crochet there and work our way across a gain to the other chain on the other side and when we get there I forgot to tell you you need a
piece of contrasting yarn and it really really does help to putting this piece of contrasting yarn because it helps you when you actually come to finish in your work especially if you're doing the larger size and you're using the larger hooks and all of your holes and everything is all large larger then it just makes life easy – no way stop and start so back into the chain and underneath two loops with single crochet one two three four and five this is the point where I'm going to ask you to stop and to get your contrasting piece of yarn I've got some pink and in the this
if I just pull my hook out a minute in this part of the strap area then you've got this a definite nice hole in there I want you to put the the yarn through there and I'm just going to tie it just loose not in mine just so it doesn't fall out but it just so that it stays there because as you're working away you could actually do it the other way where you whoops pull that through like that and do that one that's probably a better secure thing that okay so right so now we stopped here we've done a single crochet
all the way around and we get to this point where our single crochets join in strap again this is where we're going to change the pattern now so we're going to do a half double crochet into this point this helps raise up the pattern but not too much so that you don't get that spiral effect going off so going to chain one skip one and half double crochet into the next chain one skip one half double crochet into the next we need to repeat that chaining one to skip your one and half double crochet into the next all the way around now I want you to stay with me
especially if you're new at this just so that you can see the changeover point when we get back to the beginning okay so that's chain one skip one half double crochet I've got tangled up there chain one skip one half double crochet chain one skip one half double crochet chain one skip one half double crochet chain one skip one half double crochet chain one skip one half double crochet chain one skip one half double crochet chain one skip one half double crochet chain one skip one half double crochet chain one oops chain one with in that skip one hit half
double crochet chain one skip one half double crochet chain one skip one half double crochet chain one skip one half double crochet chain one skip one half double crochet chain one skip one half double crochet now you can see we've come back to the beginning chain one okay so we're going to skip this one and this part here where we've done our first half double crochet we're just going to go into the gap there when we do this next half double crochet way to go into there and half double crochet and that's going to raise us up just
that little bit more to carry on so that it keeps it straight so with chain one now we're going to do the half double crochet into the that's actually called a chain one space so it's chained what they're up to one half double crochet into the chain one space okay and we're just going to keep on doing that all the way round and around and around until you've got your vest as long as you want it to be and I'm just going to let you know because of when you're going round and around it's like we need
to make sure that when we're counting our stitches we count with count from underneath here because this is going to be our stop in our starting point we want to make sure that each side is equal with the amount of stitches don't count from the front it's because what happens is I've got my mistake to show you when you finish you if you finish in the wrong place you end up with a step because I didn't finish quite in the right place of where I began on this pattern so and when you do it properly you can't even tell it's just virtually
invisible of lack of working your way down and we're doing in the correct place so I'm going to leave you to carry on just doing your chain one half double crochet and I would imagine it's going to take you about half an hour to be able to get to the correct length that you want to be and then after that you can pop back and I'll show you where a change over the stitch at the end because this this bottom section here is done with a single crochet chain one for those people that just want to carry on and do it and we do a slip stitch all
the way around but like I said if you're new to crochet in and and we've got to do the slip stitching around these areas I'm just going to show you how as well to finish off and to tuck in your yarn so it's really secure because obviously these are close you want to wash them if you live in a country where they've got a tumble dry they're going to be tumble dry so they're going to be rough and tumble you don't want your work to come on down so or some top tips for that so those people that write patterns
I hope you've seen the potential of this of how you can change this into you can add you once you've done this top piece you can add in to their extra increases and you make a make a comeback to the a-line dress and you can do your shell pattern star patterns or whatever and create all sorts of different things I mean that's the shape that it creates if you just half double crochet all the way around and you don't do the chain one skip one that's the difference of the pattern what you get and it's still exactly the
same pattern so I really hope you like it please please share it for for the people that that really need their clothes and thank you for liking thank you for subscribing thank you for watching thank you for sharing and you know I'm amazed I'm amazed at how many people have actually been interested in my crochet so I do hope that this one is one of those ones that you will absolutely treasure and you'll wonder what on earth you ever did without it really so we're looking in levia and I'll be back once I've finished my rows
on this I'm going to make sure that there's ten rounds underneath each armpit and then I will do the next section okay thank you bye