hi guys I hope you all okay so today I'm gonna be taking you through some of my top parenting hats for life was a baby of course having a baby it can be very very busy so it's all about finding those ways to make things a little bit easier for yourself and just saving the time that you do have so let's get started my first hat is something that I used a unit day out it wasn't something that I was ever really aware of first time around but this time is something that I think I just kind of learned myself and it was a lot easier when I'm
taking everything out of her sleep so you I only ever unbutton the first few poppers so I get to about here and then I stop that way I can take her arms out and then remove it just like I would a trouser or a legging when you then put the next one on you only have to put the legs in as you would normal trouser and half of the poppers are already done which makes life a lot easier and a lot quicker the next hack is all about those horrible perm explosions so did you know that these bits here on baby's vests or body suits are actually to make it easier to pull it down over baby they're
really really stretchy and yeah for the first few months of having a baby I had no idea with this but it makes life so much easier and a lot cleaner so to do this you simply remove baby's arms hold it down like sigh if you've ever wondered what the little blue strip is on baby's nappy that means they are work so they need to change it's like this little lady eat your baby has Wiggly arms and you want to keep them free from nappy tap them in to their best when I am changing every snappy I always pop her clean nappy underneath the dirty one that way if she
does go poop whilst I'm changing her is only gonna go on to the nappy best way to tell if you're putting on an athlete correctly is just to line it up to the lines that you probably don't even notice so most nappies have little indicator lines here and the strip just needs to go inside that if it's not fitting in there nicely that is where you need to go up the size in the plain means that the back is supported nicely the front is all secure and who explosions should be kept to a minimum well I mean contained try to have an area that has everything that you might
need wipes nappies mathy bags cream bottle frames thermometers and this just makes things a lot easier I tend to keep a little area or a little bag like this in most rooms of the house I've got another changing mat downstairs which are just pawns nice safer with nappies and wipes it just means that when you do need an a fee of white for muslin this first set of clothes you've got them to hand because I mean you don't want to be leaving a baby alone or a baby I tend to always take a sleep suit I just find that's a really versatile
piece of clothing to put in you don't have to have loads and those are bits and pieces their hands are covered their feet and covered and it's just a breathable items waving at before and warm it is cold and so yeah I always pack a sleep suit and a vest but I'm going to show you the best way how I lay out babies best pop in the clothes and then roll it up and then with these little bits like I mentioned earlier wrap the whole thing up then you've got all of the clothes in one little pouch means if you do have to change them you
just grab one thing rather than ten million things and nappies and wipes etc and this is probably one of my favorite hacks to be honest because it also saves a lot of space in your bag but it does come to packing my changing bag I like to keep things as organized as possible because as you know babies have a lot of stuff I like to keep things all in these separate bags so I've got like bottles and feeding stuff and then a changing pot as well and like I said with the clothes it just means you have to take one thing out for changing and we don't
have to drag around your bag to the changing room if you've got someone to look after the buggy or something and it just keeps things a rucksack changing bag is a really great option and but yeah it's just kept really really organized so typically in here I would have nappy nappy bags white cream bits for myself and like a little miniature lotion and a brush all of the bottles double use and everything in here and then a little space for myself dummy clips are also really a good idea if your baby does have a dummy or a Caesar or a pacifier and because you
could only pick up a dummy so many times access the floor baby socks also make a great alternative for scratch mitts should you not be able to find them which I never ever ever can if your baby is having lots of fees for out the day and you're going out I've often found that these little dispensers not quite enough and she'll often need more than three feeds and at first I was like carry down to these it's going to be a big pain however to weaning pots or snack pots like this or even lipstick and jelly containers the biomat disposable ones they are great anything
with a lid with help that's big enough to hold formula it's perfect and I mean you can fit tons of these in your bag my final hack of the day for hot water when we are out and about and we need bottles I always carry around one of these flasks this is a swell one which honestly works amazingly water stays hot in here for a good 24 hours and so yeah for bottles this for me has been at my essential thank you so so much for watching my hacks video I hope you have enjoyed it I hope it's helped somewhere and let me know in the comments which
ones you liked also let me know if you'd like to see any other hack videos traveling hat toddler hacks and I really like filming them I am a hack lover but I'm off to go get this little girl to sleep now can we go and check on some white noise and hopefully she naps if any of you have any napping hacks that would be fantastic thank you so much for watching if you aren't already subscribed please do subscribe click that little notification fell as well comment below thumbs up share all of that jazz yeah thank you very much for watching and
I'll see you guys soon bye